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the ignite catalogue

For us it is the little things that matter, extreme attention to detail with regard to how best to showcase the product. If a supplied image is not of a high enough standard, we will photograph it again to our standard. Detailed clipping and drop shadows make the product stand out on the page. We ensure that there are photographs in frames - little things that in a lot of cases are overlooked, but we believe are important.

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We launched a hard back case bound catalogue, essentially a book in 2009. The main idea behind this was the catalogue would not be discarded, thrown out or put straight into recycling. This element has been proven time and again with end users asking for quotes from catalogues that may be up to four or five years old.

The catalogue is produced on one site in the UK to ISO14001 standard using FSC certified paper and 100% vegetable based inks produced by local people minimising the energy and transport in production.

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